About Us

Just like what our name literally means in Japanese, Yumei Mise, started out as a small shop selling never before seen products other products that holds promise. Our store shelves then displayed virtually unknown products yet have a huge potential to make it big.

Aware of the unspoken corporate law of selling something cheap for maximum gain, we have made a commitment to put quality first above everything else when it comes to our products. We have stood by this commitment and it has served us well, not from financial gain, but from the satisfaction coming from the knowledge that our clients have gotten their money’s worth and have enjoyed the full benefits of the products that they have bought from us.

Our company has grown from being a small store into a reputable company creating its own line of innovative products. We have stood by our commitment to putting quality first and we are rewarded by the trust placed in us by our loyal and happy clients.

True to this commitment, we have launched this website to provide another avenue for new and innovative products, both of our own and from our partners. Our market and client base is no longer confined within the borders of any country, but we have the whole world to offer our products.

Thus we send out invites to all manufacturers and suppliers with innovative products needing exposure, to use our website as your means of informing a far larger market. The world awaits you. Together we shall embark upon this journey in making our market as limitless as our imagination.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to expand and constantly improve our company through our unique marketing tools by propagating and bringing international and exceptional products all over the Philippines. By bringing items necessary to everyday lifestyle, customer satisfaction likewise company’s growth is achieved.
  • Our mission is to fabricate our name in the history by ensuring our clients certified product excellence and marketing innovation. We want our clients to get the highest quality and most reliable products and services worldwide.