KB Rotenyu Meguri per Sachet

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• Use it only for bath purpose.
• If any irregular symptoms seen on skin or body, seek medical advice.
• Stop using product immediately when anthema, reddening, itchiness or irritation felt on the skin. People who have an allergy and symptoms of irritation with drugs need to pay special care and attention to use a product.
• Product is not edible. In case of swallowed in a large quantity, treat a person by drinking a lot of water etc.

Product do not contains sulfur which damages bath tabs. If using a automated bath filling machine and product is used while all day switch is on, product may stuck the filter. To avoid the circumstance read the explanation and product information of automated bath machine before use.


• 4 kinds of choice to feel like being in the mother nature.
• The bathing effect by ingredients will accelerate your body flow, and produce warmth from one’s core body.

Revitalization heat rash, eczema, pimples, chapped skin, frost bite, dry skin, bruise, sprain, shoulder stiffness, nerve pain, rheumatism, lumbago, sensitivity to cold, hemorrhoid, feeling of cold before/ after giving birth.

Put one sachet of product (30g) into 200L of hot water and mix well


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